What is the TCSU?

The Circley System Unified is a organization that is created by several Miraheze users, such as Circleyverse Founder, CircleyDoesExtracter, and more users such as KBOS, Geoshea, Bob, and Kam66.
The organization combines Ficreation, KBOS Funnies, Circleyverse, and The Circley System into one single organization. We are currently on Discord, Neocities, and Guilded.
Remember if you do not know what is Ficreation, KBOS Funnies, Circleyverse, and The Circley System. Ficreation is a wiki for creating fanon stuff, KBOS Funnies is kbos' own wiki and server, Circleyverse is a scratch universe since 2013, and The Circley System is a group of wikis made by CircleyDoesExtacter.

Our History

On August 12, 2020, due to series of mishaps with the Circleyverse, and TCSU founder CircleyDoesExtracter, Kam66 said he will leave Circley and Circleyverse. He left in all of the discord servers, isolating from his friends.
This caused Circleyverse to be significantly damaged, and caused the server to longer be updated. From August to September, many users left like Boris, Team!Sansplayer, ObscureReference, Sog, Azul, AJ, Laika, KBOS, Geoshea, ChuckFan, and BobRocks20. When BobRocks20 left the server, it ended the Circleyverse Server.
On September 6, 2020, after being influenced from Ficreation, KBOS Funnies, Circleyverse, and The Circley System, CircleyDoesExtracter wants to infleunce an "all in one" server, so he created The Circley System Unified. The discord server for the organization was opened in September 7, 2020, and went on to become a success, although rushed.

Our Wikis

Here's all of the wikis shown. Updated for (January 31, 2021)